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Coming Soon!  Very soon I will have my full farm story to share with yall! 

However, for now my name is Becky Szarzynski and I am the owner/operator/grazier of Ember Cattle Company. ECC was established in 2023, after a 15 year partnership with my father who owns and operates Mountain Glen Farm. 

Here is a quick bio of who I am!

I am a Virginian native, who grew up on her family’s farm raising angus beef cattle. After leaving university early to pursue a life in agriculture, I started exploring new farming strategies that would allow me to revive the land and grow the family farm. I have been employed on various farming operations including grass fed and conventional dairies as well as beef cattle operations. I currently manage a cow/calf operation using adaptive grazing methods, while also working together with my father of Mountain Glen Farm where we raise South Poll Grass Cattle using rotational grazing practices utilizing native warm season grasses, summer annuals, and cool season perennials. I am serving on the Virginia Forage and Grassland Council board of directors, the South Poll Grass Cattle Board, and I am the Coordinator of the VFGC Farmer-to-Farmer Mentor Program. In my spare time I continue to work diligently on expanding the public's knowledge of agricultural life through online videos and vlogs.

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My Farm Story

Coming soon! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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